Turning - Large turned parts

What type of roll and shaft are you looking for?

We believe in using our knowledge to the benefit of our customers. We therefore fabricate high-precision and innovative rotation-symmetrical machine parts up to a length of 10,000 mm and a diameter of 1,000 mm. Our work on a variety of contours and the turning of individual roll types according to your specifications are warranted by state-of-the-art machine technology, including hard turning.


Cycle-controlled turning up to a maximum weight of 4 tons:

Ø above the bed up to 1000 mm
Ø above the cross slide 720 mm
At a length of up to 10000 mm

Listed below are examples of workpieces- out of 200 types - we fabricate in accordance with client specifications and drawings:

Pick-up rolls Web guide rollers Chrome rollers Desintegrator shafts
Pressure cylinders High-grade steel rollers Eccentric shafts Ink ductors
Guide shafts Guide columns Impression cylinders Cast-iron rollers
Heated rollers Calanders Chill rollers Rotor shafts
Blade shafts Machine components for mills Embossing rolls Screen rollers
Pipes/Tubes Suction rollers Reels Reversing rollers
VA rollers Roller shafts Water wheel shafts Protective sleeves for shafts
Radial vane rotors Fabrication of rollers and
shafts of all kinds
(charged at hourly rate)