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About Measuring

How precise is precision?

The truth is in the numbers: technical precision can always be expressed in numbers and can thus be exactly measured. All our workpieces are manufactured within the required dimensional, shape, and position tolerances. 

Quality assurance has top priority at Abend Maschinenbau: Of course, the paths of quality assurance and document control are clearly and unambiguously defined in our quality management manual for certification (TÜV SÜD / ISO 9001:2015).
In order to guarantee our high quality standards for every single product that leaves our premises and for every service that we provide for our customers, we rely on our experienced internal quality assurance staff, who guarantee compliance with our requirements with the greatest possible care. Our customers can be sure that the quality features that distinguish us will be maintained, which is what distinguishes our trustful cooperation. We set high standards and are measured against them every time we work on a project.


Measurement technology at Abend is primarily length measurement technology, starting with simple micrometers with a diameter of up to 1000 mm and height measurements of over 600 mm. In addition, Abend Maschinenbau uses angle measuring technology, which is implemented via sinusoidal rulers and computer-aided measuring machines. All machined dimensions are checked and documented by the operator himself. Every measurement that Abend Maschinenbau has processed in any form is also documented.

Test procedures

This includes the test procedures which are carried out either with simple, hand-held measuring equipment, mobile measuring machines or stationary 3D measuring machines. In addition, Abend Maschinenbau then carries out non-destructive tests such as ultrasonic testing, surface crack testing with dye penetrant methods and magnetic methods.

Further measuring and testing techniques at Abend Maschinenbau:

  • Surface metrology, which works with the Hommel or Mahr probing method.
  • Ultrasonic testing to determine the wall thickness of pipes. In addition, layer thicknesses of ferrous steles can be measured here.
  • Magnetic crack detection carried out by magnetization of workpieces and with metal chips dissolved in suspension. In some cases, fluorescent colours are used under black light - or daylight is used for brightly ground parts.
  • Testing of the yield strength by means of hammer blow
  • Dye penetrant testing for crack formation on ground bare parts
  • Rockwell and Brinell hardness tests
  • Testing the freedom from twist with the thread technology
  • A re-marking agreement with TÜV-Süd entitles us to re-mark products with certificates of material testing by manufacturers that have been tested in accordance with the regulations for systems requiring monitoring.

A portable six-axis coordinate measuring machine enables us to carry out direct testing on the machine at an early stage as an intermediate test or to measure cones.

Our experienced and trained team of specialists accompanies you far beyond the actual test procedure. In addition to the expert, executed inspection, you also benefit from up-to-date documentation (electronic or in paper form) of the work carried out. The test results are assigned to your order, attached to your delivery documents and archived with us.

Certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

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