Milling – drilling – grooving

Abend Maschinenbau mills, grooves and drills high-precision eccentric shafts, rollers and shafts (with lubrication holes, cross holes, toothing, grooves etc.) pinion shafts, pump shafts, rotor shafts, turbine shafts, shafts, drums and rollers of all kinds, as well as housings, plates, strips, rails, machine tools, in a length of up to 4.000 mm or 6.000 mm. This means that our main competence lies in the production of eccentric shafts, pinion shafts, large crankshafts, drive shafts which are often equipped with lubrication holes, cross holes, gears and grooves and cubic machine tools.

In order to be able to completely manufacture these in house, from material procurement, through tempering, turning, grinding and honing, we use a CNC milling machine with a length of 4000 mm (machining dimension: x = 4000 mm, y = 1400 mm, z = 1600 mm) for heavy machining.


CNC milling max. 4 t weight:
X 4000 mm (6.000 mm)
Y 1400 mm
Z 1600 mm

Our CNC-milling machine with stepless universal milling and drilling head is ideally suited for 4-sided machining of large, bulky components. The high-precision machining of large parts from toothed shafts (5-axes) is supported by an NC-dividing-machine, which guarantees concentricity accuracies of 0.008 mm and combines values such as precision with innovation.

We produce workpieces with complex shapes, mechanical components according to your drawings, in addition to turning we mill a wide variety of parts: Tool drums, rollers, central columns, axles, spindles, shafts, guide sleeves, distributor housings and hollow shafts, output shafts, drive shafts, fan shafts, propeller shafts, turbine shafts, cell wheels, pump shafts, bevel shafts, wheel shafts, covers, hoods, support plates, blocks, housings, strips, flanges, locking head carriers and couplings, drive wheels, brake drums are just some of the components that we completely manufacture, mill, drill, grind and also draw grooves for you.

International manufacturers of machine tools, press manufacturers, drive technology and compressor technology, the beverage industry, food technology, ventilation technology, process and plant technology, stirring and mixing technology, vacuum technology, liquid and solid process technology, plastics technology, extrusion technology, comminution and milling technology, filtration and separation technology, pump technology, fluid technology, construction machinery technology, Nonwovens and paper manufacturers, packaging technology, cutting and winding technology, printing technology, ship propulsion technology, conveyor technology, gas and oil extraction technology, wind power technology, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, packaging technology, engine and electrical industry, recycling and waste management companies, printing and foil technology, textile technology, general plant construction and defence technology rely on our in-depth manufacturing and supply expertise.