Grinding – Precision grinding

If it has to be really fine

Our grinding machines achieve a minimal surface roughness of up to < 0.1 µm Ra. We offer our customers an extraordinary range of vertical integration with a multitude of super-precision tooling options and grinding methods, for example, cross grinding and circumferential grinding. For this purpose, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of grinding wheels for a wide variety of materials. Because the process parameters can be continuously adjusted during the grinding process, grinding even hard-to-machine materials is possible.

[Translate to English: ] Schleifen: Innenschleifen der Bohr Außenzylinder
[Translate to English: ] Innenschleifen: Abrichte der Schleifscheibe
[Translate to English: ] Außenschleifen: Regelspindel
[Translate to English: ] Außenschleifen: Bandschleifen der Keramikbeschichtung
[Translate to English: ] Bohrschleifen: Innenschleifen Lagerlaterne
[Translate to English: ] Schleifen: Innenschleifen der Bohrung Lochsieb
[Translate to English: ] Außenschleifen: Haspelwelle
[Translate to English: ] Zellenradschleuse


External cylindrical grinding max. weight 3 tons Ø 680 x 8000 mm
Ø 850 x 4000 mm
Crown grinding Ø 850 x 4000 mm
Belt grinding, max. weight 2.5 tons Ø 1000 x 8500 mm
Internal cylindrical grinding, max. weight 800 kg AØ 1100 x BØ 1000 x L750 mm
Honing, max. weight 500 kg Ø 350 x 1300 mm
from 2 sides 1800 mm
Surface grinding up to a weight of 2 tons 2500 x 1200 x 850 mm