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Meaningful events on the timeline of Abend Maschinenbau

Founded in 1931 as a cylinder and crankshaft grinding company, the company Heinrich Abend has increased, due to the mechanical processing, so that the processing options have assumed ever larger dimensions.


Lorenz Abend, the father of Heinrich Abend, as an employee of Benz & Co.
Abend Maschinenbau


The Benz - aircraft engine type Bz IV
made by Lorenz Abend

This 6-cylinder aircraft engine from 1915 produced a ground power of 230 hp with a total weight of 370 kg. This corresponds to a power-to-weight ratio of 1.6 kg/hp.

This engine was one of the best proven German aircraft engines, of which a total of 6,429 were built.

The model of this engine (see picture below) was built by Lorenz Abend, the great-grandfather of the present managing director of Motoren - Abend GmbH.

Lorenz Abend was already employed by Carl Benz before 1897 (see photograph above) and was, among others, one of the privileged masters who accompanied Carl Benz's funeral procession.

Abend Maschinenbau


Heinrich Abend passed the master craftsman's certificate in iron turning on May 16, 1925
Abend Maschinenbau


Foundation of the Abend company at Ludwigshafen am Rhein
Heinrich Abend Heinrich Abend


Start of construction of a new production plant at the current site in Mannheim-Käfertal on a parcel of land, 6000 m² in size.


Construction starts on a 500 m2 assembly shop as well as a new test station for combustion engines of up to 500 PS capacity.
Abend Maschinenbau


Construction of an additional assembly shop covering 750 m2 for mounting and dismounting of engines in vehicles, as well as a sub-level facility for a new 400 m2 spare parts depot. Putting a new MSO crankshaft grinder with a swing diameter of 750 mm and a length of 4000 mm between centers into operation.
Abend Maschinenbau


A cylinder grinding machine type Naxos with a grinding diameter of 720 mm and a length of 8000 mm between centers is put into service.


40th anniversary and dedication of the new body shop and Simca dealership. Abend Maschinenbau
Abend Maschinenbau


Heinrich Abend dies and is succeeded by his daughter Edith Breitenreicher (née Abend) and Roland Breitenreicher as general manager.


Commissioning of the “Schmalz" dual-column surface grinding machine with a grinding range of 2500x1200x850 mm.


The "Engine Repair" department is spun off to become a new company.


The subsidiary "PMT-Messtechnik GmbH" with CNC 3-D coordinate measuring machine x-2000 y-1000 z-1000 mm is founded.
Abend Maschinenbau


A "Löser" belt grinding machine with a grinding diameter of 1000 mm and a length of 8500 mm between centers and attached superfinish station is commissioned.


DIN EN ISO 9002 certification.


Reconstruction of production hall to accommodate a gantry crane and base plates for a new turning lathe.
Abend Maschinenbau


Peter Breitenreicher, the third generation, takes over.
Abend Maschinenbau


The entire electronic data processing system is converted to a high-performance network linked to the Internet.


Implementation of an ERP system capable of satisfying the high quality standards; update of the machinery inventory by adding a GEMINI GHT 4 - 720 x 4000 turning lathe.
Abend Maschinenbau


Expansion of our measuring technology by adding a portable CMM device by FARO.
Abend Maschinenbau


Change of the company’s name / legal status to Abend Maschinenbau e.K. Implementation of a new corporate design.
Abend Maschinenbau


Construction and commissioning of the milling / heavy-duty machining range
Abend Maschinenbau


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Repeated certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


Since 2021 we are 90 years on the market


Repeated certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

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